vilnius, lithuania, balcony, laundry




Mehr Licht, Frankfurt, art, Rudolf Reiber

More Light






An Eye for an Eye

48045, sterne, 49 drawings, endurance, starry night, stars, tommi brem


nowhere, edenkoben von oben


rudolf reiber, dark matter, Thomas Ruff, black, malevitch, starry night, big bang, stars, rik reinking

dark matter

nude descending a staircase, action descending a staircase, duchamp,museum of art philadelphia, rocky

Nude Descending
a Staircase

German Skies, camouflage, raf, sky, art, worl war 2, sky grey, sky grey

German Skies

which once was wood

which once was wood

Extra Dark Sea Green, camouflage, raf, ocean, art, german sea

Extra Dark Sea Green

Night Black, camouflage, raf, ocean, art, german nights

night black

Ocean Grey, camouflage, raf, ocean, art, german sea

Ocean Grey

Art and Objecthood, Michael Fried, erase

Art and Objecthood

seascape, seestücke, sylt, england, ocean, sky


abc art, Barbara Rose, Minimal Art, book


state of liberty, the statue of liberty, new jersey, new york, painting

state of liberty

Kreuzung, atlanta, intersection, Kreuz, cross


secret, painting, art crate


where the flavor is, marlboro cigarette, marlboro country

where the
flavor is

the silence, ingmar bergman, braille

The Silence

no room for interpretation, asl

no room for

Conceptual Art, contemporary art, Photograpy, conceptual painting, London, Frankfurt, Stuttgart. The Silence, Ingmar Bergman, Braille, translation, subtitles, white. no room for interpretation, american sign language, silk screen, hands. Secret, oil on wood, art crate, hidden, unseen. STATE OF LIBERTY, Oil on Wood, Anja Römpp, paint a picture back of the Statue of Liberty, Slade School of Fine Art, London, 2011. where the flavor is, red, Marlboro Cigarettes, Marlboro Country. Extra Dark Sea Green, monochrome dull painted plate of aluminium. exactly the colour shade of the planes of the Royal Air Force, World War II, bomb German cities, British Bombers camouflage the planes look like part of the Sea, Hospitalhof Stuttgart 2009. Ocean Grey. Night Black, camouflage the plane at night, Black Square, Malevitch. German Skies, work in three parts, Sky, Sky Grey, Sky Blue, monochrome dull painted plates of aluminium, exactly the colour shades of the planes of the Royal Air Force, World War II, bomb German cities, British "Lancaster" Bomber camouflage the planes like part of the German sky. Dark Matter, 52.837 ink dots on an art print of 13h 36m,-35° by Thomas Ruff, art print of a photo by Thomas Ruff, the starry sky, negatives from an observatory, erase every single star with ink spots, collection Rik Reinking. 48.085, stars, 49 drawing, ink, collection Tommi Brem. Seascape, Seestücke, Island of Sylt, photos looking in the direction towards England, different colours of the sky and the ocean. ABC Art, alternative term for Minimal art, American art historian Barbara Rose, article in the October 1965 issue of Art in America. essay Rose diverse roots of minimalism in the work of Malevich and Duchamp, Merce Cunningham, Greenberg, Wittgenstein and Robbe-Grillet. deleting every letter of the articlethat was'nt an A,B nor C. Art and Objecthood,1967 essay, art critic Michael Fried, Minimal Art, object, delete text, left markings and remarks. Junction, Kreutzung. Luft holen, Take an Airing,installation 10 photos and 2 lockers. NowHere, Edenkoben. Nude descending a staircase. Composition. An eye for an eye, Auge um Auge, hunters. Vilnius, Lithuania, balkony. Memel. More Light, mehr Licht, Frankfurt, skyscraper, 13th floor, Goethe. Certification, Bestätigung, Jean-Christophe Ammann, Kasper König, Artist, Künstler. Caramboat, Boat, carambolage, pool, billiard-table. Scaffold, Gerüst. Untitled, polished one euro coin.