highway junktion

Highway Junction

Ohne Titel, greek euro coin, polished, rudolf reiber, art


take an airing, locker

Take an Airing

Scaffold, Gerüst, Rudolf Reiber, art


wall piece, wandarbeit

Wall Piece

Stuttgart, Caramboat, Boat, carambolage, pool, billiard-table


a whiter shade of pale, white paint, centre pompidou, tate, moma, secession, wall colour

a whiter
shade of pale

losing ground, poliert, boden, concrete, payneshurvelle

losing ground

contemporary art, sculpture, installation, conceptual, London, Frankfurt, Stuttgart. losing ground, boden verlieren, polished concrete floor, no access, payneshurvell, shorditsh. a whiter shade of pale, white gallery space the walls painted in white paint of the world's renowned museum galleries: Centre Pompidou, Paris, MoMA, New York, Secession, Vienna and Tate Modern, London. Caramboat, Boat, carambolage, pool, billiard-table. Scaffold, Gerüst. Luft holen - Take an Airing,installation 10 photos and 2 lockers. Untitled, polished one euro coin.