Traffic Jam

Kalypso, Autobahn, Highway, Waiting, Odyssey


grün und grau, Autobahn, Highway, Waiting

Green and Gray

The Drive, Hunting, Art

the drive

figures, hunting, gestalten


Unter vier Augen, Tete a Tete


dog and duck, hunting, art, hund, Jagd

dog and duck

requiem eternam, mozart, last note

Requiem Aeternam

Action Ascending
a Staircase

abschiednehmen saying goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Academy Leader

Academy Leader

Rudolf Reiber sings ABC Art

Rudolf Reiber
sings ABC-Art

the fourth wall

The Fourth Wall

intersection, kreuzung


the silence

the silence

Wheel of death

Wheel of Death

contemporary art, videos and film, London, Frankfurt, Stuttgart. videoinstallation, The Fourth Wall, all possible transitions,Final Cut, video booth, black box. wheel of death, hd video loop, throbber. Rudolf Reiber sings ABC Art, alternative term for Minimal art, American art historian Barbara Rose, article in the October 1965 issue of Art in America. essay Rose diverse roots of minimalism in the work of Malevich and Duchamp, Merce Cunningham, Greenberg, Wittgenstein and Robbe-Grillet. deleting every letter of the article A,B nor C (see ABC Art) tried to sing. junction, kreuzung, 2010. The “Academy leader“ (start tape), 16 mm Film, Loop, technically exactly defined film piece, beginning of every film reel, protect the real picture part of the film, preserve information, guarantee a synchronous performance, contain copy-technical information. action ascending a staircase, akt, eine Treppe hinaufsteigend, Rocky, Sylvester Stalone, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Marcel Duchamp, nude ascending a staircase. Figures, 2-channel video installation, hunt, beater. dog and duck. The Drive, 3-channel video installation, palast der republik. Kalypso, Video loop, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Odyssey, Homer. Green and Grey